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We were kitting before kitting was cool.

Since 2015, to be exact.

And sure, maybe it’s still not that cool – but we think it is!

Work with the team that LOVES kitting and assembly!

We can start kitting just 1-2 days after receiving your inventory.
Nervous to switch 3PLs? Try us out with just one project.

500,000+ kits created & shipped for..

Launches  📦 Product & influencer seeding  📦 PR kits 📦Subscription boxes 📦 Sample packs  📦Gift boxes  & more

Boost your revenue

with beautiful, on-brand kitting services

Customers LOVE subscription boxes, gift boxes, and kits: but they are also really tricky to pull together!

We’ve been kitting unboxing-video-worthy gift boxes for 9 years, so we’ve perfected the art of above-and-beyond kitting, assembly, and fulfillment services, including:

Stack of Apple AirPods Pro boxes in inventory along with custom branded packaging materials

Stress less & impress more with…

Gift boxes

Seeding kits

Subscription boxes

Brand activations

Media kits

Sample packs

Sample kits

Product launches

Custom packaging

Influencer kits

Sample programs

and more!

“Working with Sidekick Kitting literally changed the trajectory of my business. Before I found them, I had said no to opportunities with large retailers because I knew I wasn't set up to deliver successfully.

Partnering with Sidekick not only meant they could handle the volume of those orders, but they had the expertise to navigate the detailed (and complex) requirements of shipping to major retailers. They have prepared multiple orders for us, each with thousands of units. Torrance & her team communicated early & often and I knew I was in good hands.

As a seasonal wholesale business, our orders come sporadically. I don't have the ability to hire and maintain operational staff year round. Rather than recruiting and training temporary employees and trusting they'll get it right, partnering with Sidekick has allowed me to focus on growing the sales of my business while trusting they will deliver for me operationally. They can flex to whatever my volume needs are. It's been a game changer and I can't recommend them enough!”
CEO, Make Bake

Ship or store —

you’ve got options galore



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Kitting FAQs

Basically, kitting is combining two or more related items into one neat package (and under one SKU). We’re deeefinitely not talking about a jumble of products tossed into a box (gasp!) We’re talking about creating thousands of shippable works of art faster than you can say “with great kitting power comes great responsibility.”

Our typical customers are usually sending at least 100 kits a month, or are a fast-growing brand headed in that general direction. If you’ve outgrown your dining room table and you’re looking for what’s next, Sidekick is perfect for you.

As many as you need — we flex with you! See how we shipped an extra 5,000 units same-day for Barnakl

We can start kitting within 1-2 business days of receiving your inventory.

Yes! Custom packaging is totally our thing. Our team can design, source, and customize packaging tailored to the unique needs of ANY product or kit. Nothing makes your brand look better than this kind of attention to detail — and details are our specialty.

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