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Flexible kitting and fulfillment, powered by real humans.

Needing more help with kitting and fulfillment is a good problem to have…

but it’s still a problem.

“Hey, I don’t know if you do this but…”

☝️The magical words that started Sidekick Kitting!

For 9 years, we’ve been shipping beautifully packaged gifts and fulfilling DTC orders for the trickiest, most demanding, and most detail-oriented client in the world (THAT’S US!).

(We didn’t call it “kitting and fulfillment,” though. We called it “the operational arm of Teak & Twine”)

Sidekick Kitting fulfillment team smiling and posing for the camera in our warehouse among large shipping boxes

And then our clients started asking us

to fulfill their orders.

It was pretty fun! So we kept doing it. We loved being a 3PL so much, we started talking about it on our website and to our email list.

New inquiries started flooding in — and so did stories.

Stories from quickly growing brands about overstuffed dining rooms, filled garages, and extended family members who’d been brought in to help fulfill orders that founding teams couldn’t keep up with.

Not to mention stories from established brands about their 3PLs.

These 3PLs couldn’t keep up with demand, so brands were losing sales and even customers.

Or the 3PL was impossible to get ahold of — even when they were being paid a supervillain’s salary every month.

Or they didn’t want to work with brands that weren’t shipping a bajillion units. (But if you DID manage to scale, they’d slap you with a $500 fee out of nowhere. Not coooool.)

We’re changing things up, and bringing

5-star service to the 3PL industry

Sidekick Kitting is the sigh of relief you’ll let out when you realize you’ve got a trusty sidekick in your corner (can you imagine Ironman without Pepper??) 

We started with gift boxes, swag, and kitting. Then we expanded into Shopify, Faire, and ghost fulfillment. And now we’re even doing FBA prep — so no matter how you sell, you can deliver an experience you’re proud of. 

Sidekick at your service

The logistics and fulfillment space isn’t exactly known for customer service.

Behind the scenes, here at our warehouse, we’re having fun and getting kit done. We know we’re doing our job when orders are being fulfilled, AND when our warehouse is full of music, laughter, cheering, and high-fives.

For the full Sidekick experience, blast Taylor Swift and have the most productive day of your life.

In an industry where 150% annual turnover is the norm, we have hardly any. That’s right. Near-zero. 🤯

Our friendly people are YOUR friendly people.

We’re the Gromit to your Wallace. The Goose to your Maverick. The Garth to your Wayne. We’ve got your back.

Sidekick Kitting team packaging orders in the warehouse, smiling happily for the camera
“Your customer service is the best I’ve experienced in a LONG time!! Hats off to y’all!”
Emily Ripka
Business Development @ DRMP

Run by women. Fueled by tacos.

What makes Sidekick different?

Here are 3 reasons to choose us for your ecommerce kitting and fulfillment:

We’re Woman-Owned and Operated

WHO RUN THE WORLD? Well, probably a geriatric white man, no matter which way things go this November. But here at Sidekick, Torrance (Founder) and Nancy (Director of Ops) are running the show. And they do a damn good job! In fact, about 75% of our staff is female.

We’re Veteran-Owned

Before she founded Sidekick and Teak & Twine, Torrance served in the Air Force for eight years (and part of her job was “kitting” food baskets – talk about foreshadowing!) When she’s not chatting with clients, she’s probably riding bikes with her husband and two awesome boys, searching for the perfect taco, or petting one of our visiting Vet Dogs.

We’re Really, Really Good at This Kit

We deeply understand our clients’ needs, because we ARE you. Before Sidekick was born, we were kitting gift boxes and fulfilling orders for our own for Teak & Twine (hey, we still do!). We understand what it’s like to be a small business and the dedication to the customer experience- as well as the struggles that come with growth.

We’re here to keep you focused, footloose and fancy-free. Even (and especially) when scaling your store seems super-scary.

Torrance Hart, founder and CEO of Sidekick Kitting

Torrance Hart

CEO + Founder

“I can’t even choose who is the nicest person at your business. No one can.”
Age 4, Aspiring Astronaut

Sidekick supports


We’re proud and honored to support VetDogs®: a nonprofit organization that helps United States military veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with disabilities live with dignity and independence.

VetDogs® trains and places:

Each year, Sidekick sponsors a VetDog® (who we get to name!). These pups go through extensive training as they learn to support their future owners with their daily physical and emotional needs.

Training is a long and expensive process, but it’s well worth it — because when each VetDog graduates, they’re matched with a vet who understands the meaning of service.

Yellow lab puppy sitting in front of a laptop

We’d love to be on your side

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