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Behind every heroic brand
 is a super sidekick

Meet the 3PL that puts the FUN in FUlfillmeNt — especially when it comes to complex kitting

We’ll be there in a flash

Riding sidecar with:

We’re your trusty Sidekick for…


Shopify. Faire. TikTok Shop. Ghost fulfillment (ooh, spooky 👻).

However you want to ship your SKUs, and wherever you need them to go, we got you.

Kitting Services

Want to seed products to influencers? Launch a sample program? Create a subscription box? Or even combine a bunch of your own SKUs with products from 17 other brands?

We can do it all — and we’ll make you look like a hero in the process.

FBA Prep

2-packs. Case packs. SKU stickers. Oh my! Amazon FBA is a demanding channel with lots of hoops to jump through.

Lucky for you, we’re hoop-jumping champs. We’ll build your brand an FBA prep process so sleek and seamless, it feels like Robin’s tights.

If logistics have been holding you back from scaling
(or you’ve been less-than-impressed with your 3PL lately)…
you need a Sidekick

“Partnering with Sidekick Kitting literally changed the trajectory of my business.”
CEO, Make Bake
Sidekick Kitting team member holding a custom branded shipping box with additional boxes on inventory shelves

Stuff that’s apparently

too hard for other 3PLs, but easy-peasy for us

"Sidekick Kitting has been the perfect kitting partner for our growing business! After having several inconsistent kitting partners, the love and care that Sidekick Kitting gives to our projects has been incredibly impactful for our success."
Headshot of Holly, co-founder of Real Vitamins

Before we were your Sidekick,

we became the hero we needed

Like all iconic characters, Sidekick has a great origin story.

At Teak & Twine, our team specializes in creating custom gift boxes at scale. No matter how complicated the construction, we can pull it off. (In fact, we LOVE the tricky stuff. Give us a challenge, baby!)

Turns out that’s a pretty special skillset.

So we started offering our kitting, fulfillment, and FBA expertise to customers like you. Customers who are…

Like the Avengers, we realized if we wanted to save the world above-and-beyond kitting and fulfillment services… we were gonna have to do it ourselves.

We love her, too

“Working with Sidekick Kitting literally changed the trajectory of my business. Before I found them, I had said no to opportunities with large retailers because I knew I wasn't set up to deliver successfully.

Partnering with Sidekick not only meant they could handle the volume of those orders, but they had the expertise to navigate the detailed (and complex) requirements of shipping to major retailers. They have prepared multiple orders for us, each with thousands of units. Torrance & her team communicated early & often and I knew I was in good hands.

As a seasonal wholesale business, our orders come sporadically. I don't have the ability to hire and maintain operational staff year round. Rather than recruiting and training temporary employees and trusting they'll get it right, partnering with Sidekick has allowed me to focus on growing the sales of my business while trusting they will deliver for me operationally. They can flex to whatever my volume needs are. It's been a game changer and I can't recommend them enough!”
CEO, Make Bake

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